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SOL-U-MEL will get it out…whatever it is. Like many others...the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Extra Power is even better) gets out Sharpies. oh and also i recamend byeing the color wonders markers and books there a bit more expensive but worth it cuse theres no mess at all. I got permanent marker off of my cedar chest with magic eraser. I thought I was beautifying the wall, but I quickly found out Mother did not feel the same way! Give it a try. Markers, Ink and Sometime Coloring Crayon Removal. My table isn't the most expensive and the finish still looks okay. I bet it would do a much better job on washable marker and I do not think it will damage the finish. Hair spray can be used instead of rubbing alcohol if needed. If you decide to buy some, go for the big bottle. Then I used furniture oil over the whole surface. Even on the delicate video screen. It can be tough to find. Additional Tips and Advice. I'll grant you that my opinion may well be prejudiced, but I can tell you that he is well-respected and well-known in the trade, that really knows what he's doing, that he won't take your money if it's not worth it for you to fix it.) mr clean magic erasers are amazing for nearly everything! So just be aware of that. However, you have to be careful with it if your table is at all glossy. Hairspray takes ink out of almost anything... you just have to spot test to make sure it won't leave a mark. It's around $5 a bottle. Before you decide to throw out the couch or immediately repaint the entire wall, there are several options to clean marker off walls and furniture. A little scratch of your fingernail will work the cleaner into the area. They are about $2-$3 for a pack of two at walmart. Discussion in 'Parents Off Topic' started by Mom2Deacon, Apr 7, 2009. Seeking Help in Getting Sharpie Permanent Marker Out of My GMC Savanna Van. If you're afraid of using WD-40 (I was but it really was gentle on the finish) try rubbing petroleum jelly to lift the stain. You can also use it on other surfaces, like walls and even wood, but beware it will most likely ruin finishes. HTH. Avoid rubbing the area when using chemicals, as you run the risk of spreading the stain to other parts of the fabric. So I thought for Easter I would just buy my dad as well as my son some washable markers, so I didn't have to worry about his clothes at Grandpa's house and my table at ours. If stain is noticed before laundering, rinse with hot water. It took several bottles but it came up. Usually you can use the hairspray to get out the ink and then use warm water to get rid of the hairspray. I think the alcohol just brings the dye to the surface. Squirt a little baby oil directly onto the affected area and use a damp washcloth to gently rub it into the skin. I also use spot shot on my clothes for bad or greasy stains. Good luck! Permanent marker stains are difficult to tackle because there is no one single way to remove them. :^). Good luck! Crayola is a leading manufacturer in arts and craft supplies. You could try the Magic Erasers. WD-40 ... Stain may not completely come off the fabric. If you can find different sizes of paper your artist might enjoy that. Maybe try a spot first (I would do that with anything, even alcohol or acetone or the magic eraser as you have no idea how your finish will take it). You might be … Unfortunately, the more you rub it in before you use rubbing alcohol the harder it is. I dabbed a little, full-strength, onto a rag and it immediately removed the sharpie from the table, with no scrubbing! Except for this time, you’ll find that all of the marker stains are gone. I used a Mr Clean Magic Eraser. You can clean permanent marker off of tile with regular toothpaste, aerosol hairspray, or a magic eraser. If you have young children or work in a school, dry erase marker may occasionally stain your clothing. Moisten a cotton swab or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol -- preferably a 99-percent strength version because it dries faster. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mamapedia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',158,'0','0']));I had the same thing happen to me! How to Get Permanent Marker Out of My Couch By Mike Johnson Things You'll Need. Treat a marker stain on your microfiber couch as quickly as possible, before the marker has a chance to dry. It can take more than what you are trying to you might have some scuff looking spots - not as shiny, etc if the surface can't take it. When the stain has been removed, blot the area with water to rinse. To clean off the alcohol, use a damp cloth, then dry the area with a towel. Then, grab another dry cloth to remove the cleaner paste. This sanded the surface just enough to take the marks off. I just got ink pen off of our light yellow leather couch with the magic eraser. I was amazed! Then lay in a big supply of paper - newsprint or the backs of computer waste paper or scrapbooking remnants or something else inexpensive. My son thought he was gonna have to buy me a new table. It bled through the paper onto my table. Always test an inconspicuous spot on the couch with the rubbing alcohol or non-acetone nail-polish remover in order to make sure the substances won't damage the fabric. As for a solution about restricitng access to the markers: how about keeping them in a little cash box or tool box that has a lock on it. I just tried using the Magic Eraser on my table. you have to buy it online, and im not sure how you feel about that, but for me its worth it. I was so upset when I found that gift. There are many factors that affect the chances of a successful removal. Thank You to Everyone for Your Great Suggestions! Expo is a brand of dry erase markers that write on special boards. It shouldn't damage the wood at all.
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