Dooley Wilson as Sam, plays and sings "As Time Goes By." Acorn Electron Computer, Casette Player & Games Vintage. Offline . Frequently a previously unreleased title was included. It was included on the Play It Again Sam 5 compilation in 1988 and also re-released in 1990 as part of the Superior/ Blue Ribbon budget range. (0) (0) Request Video After a time a strange liquid called 'flooz' begins to flow through the conduit you have built. [review game] Critic Reviews. of the English version of our advert 0xC0DE6502's new ELEMENTUM game for the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro/Master and Master Compact. in 198? In order to complete the last 'ultimate mission', you will need to have become an expert in concealing snipers, entering a building through the windows, abseiling and searching for hostages without being shot by terrorists. Games like it, with titles such as Gyroscope and Spindizzy have been available for other 8-bit machines in the past, but this is a much improved version. You are not left completely in the dark though; a small dot indicates its position at all times (you'll have to play the game to see what I mean!). Release Information : 1990: PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 15, Superior/Acornsoft, £9.95 Compilation Comprises : 1.LAST NINJA 2, Superior/Acornsoft The computer lights up when connected to mains but has not been tested to check whether fully functional. Next up we have Hostages in which you can become a crack member of the SAS in the comfort of your own home. Ray was one of the first three people to complete this game and divulged the passwords in EUG #1. karate combat superior. The playing area, which is viewed in isometric 3D, consists of a series of blocks which form pathways, ramps and steps etc. When including the game on the 1989 Play It Again Sam 7 compilation, Superior Software also commissioned a conversion to the Acorn Electron which was carried out by Chris Terran. The ENGLISH version of Press PLAY Again! All in all, SAM 16 is a brilliant compilation without a dud in sight. Market Valuation: £2.50 (How Is This Calculated?) Hyperball is a clone of the 1986 arcade game Arkanoid created for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro. They were written during my teenage years on my home Acorn Electron in the late eighties. Issue 1 is now available from the RetroMagazine World website, featuring reviews of new Homebrew games for the C64, Amstrad CPC, MSX & Amiga and including the WORLD PREMIERE(!) Product: PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 16 Publisher: Superior/Acornsoft Compatibility: BBC B, B+, Master 128 & Acorn Electron Reviewed by: Dave E Play It Again Sam 13 is a compilation for the BBC and Electron released by Superior Software. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Play It Again Sam 7 Firetrack, Bonecruncher, Snapper, Ghouls Acorn BBC Cassettes at the best online prices at eBay! The screen layout is different from the BBC Micro version. This is the Play It Again Sam 04 re-release.. It is not to be confused with the Williams arcade machine of the same name. Free shipping for many products! JSTOR (October 2013) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) There was a Citadel 2 on one of Superior Software's "Play it Again Sam" compilations. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Here's four games that, as time goes by, he returns to again and again. So, the overall view of Play It Again Sam 17 is that we are not really missing out on much, especially when you consider the other compilations in the Sam series (Sam 15 springs to mind!). Stryker's Run is a challenging action-packed combat game. Review (Electron User) - "Sam Plays Doggedly On" Good old SAM is playing it for the eighth time on Superior Software's latest arcade game compilation. User Summary Play It Again Sam was a long-running series of compilations by Superior Software. It appeared on Play It Again Sam 18 in 1993 (the last official PIAS) but this was far too late for many BBC gamers to catch the first time round ... so here it is again. Ravenskull is a massive arcade-adventure game, full of puzzles and problems to be solved. There are no Electron user screenshots for this game. The original Play It Again Sam featured four Superior games which … Last modified on Sunday 17th January 2021 at 01:43:10 PM. This is a game that requires ever increasing skill and planning as you progress through the levels and it should keep even a Master Gamer like Ray Lennard busy for quite some time! One of Ray Lennard's past conquests was Perplexity which is also included in this compilation. Moon Raider was included on the Acorn Electron version of Play It Again Sam 05 in place of Fortress. Play It Again Sam 6. Play it again Sam 2 - 4 games - Electron RetroGame by Superior Software. An unmissable publication for anyone who grew up with an Acorn 8-bit machine. As you encounter higher levels, the gameplay becomes faster with more specialised sections of pipe like Reservoir, Bonus and Obstacle Pieces becoming available, so you'll need to keep your wits about you. gtag('js', new Date()); ... Danny Nicholas. shipping: + $16.40 shipping . : Play It Again Sam 8 released by Superior Soft. (, "This is a stocking filler that everybody should have." There are no critic reviews for this game. Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only . Information and images for the Acorn Electron cass. Any questions please ask.

We are continuing to develop new products and expect to make a number of significant launches during the next year. Box Type: Cassette Single Plastic Clear, There are no users who want to buy a copy of this item. Computer Games reported : "The game is extremely good. shipping: + $16.40 shipping . [add screenshots] Promo Images. It was released as part of the compilation Play It Again Sam 13 in 1990. (c) 2001-2014 Acorn Electron World You have to score as many points as possible by constructing a pipeline beginning at this point. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; There is no box. $6.82. You can still get some of the games separately. Play It Again Sam series; User Reviews. Home | FAQs | Library | DVD. ", Thrust is simple and fun to play, yet incredibly realistic and highly addictive. I hope you get some enjoyment or interest out of them. There are fifty screens to tackle for a start! sold as a collector item. (, Play It Again Sam (Acorn Electron, Cassette). Tagged With: blow football, competitive play, overhead Available For: Acorn Electron , Amiga 500 , BBC B/B+/Master 128 , Commodore 64 & NEC TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine Acorn Electron  We were about to re-open after many months of being closed but then disaster struck when a mains water pipe burst and flooded much of the ground floor of the museum. Aug 15, 2015 - Play It Again, Sam Tape Only for Acorn Electron from Superior Software/AcornSoft As with all the best games these days there is a password system, which means that once you have completed a screen there is no need to start from the beginning if you lose all your lives. Act 1 of Woody Allen's play "Play It Again Sam" directed by Christopher Yerkes. Software Bargains can supply you with Master Break (£7.95) and Sam 6 which contains Video's Revenge (£6.95). Delivery will be via signed for overnight carrier at a cost of £6.00. Superior Collection Volume 3 - eight games! There are no reviews for this game. I have powered it up and it works fine. Spotted a typo or inaccuracy in the instructions for this item? As you are playing against the clock, it is vital that you choose the quickest route around each screen and to avoid any Black Demon balls which may be roaming about. gtag('config', 'UA-90685745-1'); Contents: Citadel (Superior), Ravenskull (Superior), Stryker's Run (Superior/Acornsoft) and Thrust (Superior), Release: Professionally released On Cassette (Side 1, Compatible Emulators: Elkulator 1.0 (PC (Windows)), Original Release Date: 1st Dec 1987 Guardian was included on the Acorn Electron version of Play It Again Sam 04 in place of "Grand Prix Construction Set". Your task is to keep your Bouncy Ball playing piece on the straight and narrow. Screenshot . Game Types : Arcade. For use with BBC B, B+ & MASTER computers on 5.25" DS disc. Play It Again Sam 2 compilation (Acorn Electron cassette) The "Play It Again Sam" series of compilations were used to re-release their old titles, with four games for the usual price of one. Jun 25, 2016 - Play It Again, Sam for Acorn Electron from Superior Software/AcornSoft Condition is "Used". (Browse Most Wanted). On the subject of Superior Software, whatever happened to the rumours about them getting the licence from Ocean to produce an Elk version of Robocop ? Condition is "Used". The object of the game is to guide the 'Perfect Octahedron' (or 'Bouncy Ball' to you and me) around the screen, collecting diamonds and other valuables. It is a platform game featuring puzzles. I don't think I ever played it at the time but might give it a go via Beebem or 04-12-2020, 08:38 AM #27. The laws of gravity and inertia are faithfully reproduced on screen, so when for example you need to gain momentum in order to negotiate a ramp, you must use just the right amount of 'force' to clear it and not go sailing off the playing area (fatal!). Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any worse! It contains three earlier releases from Superior: Barbarian II Percy Penguin Pandemonium (previously unreleased on Electron)In addition, it contains a previously unreleased game called Hyperball. Well worth the cash. Screenshot . You can now look forward to an afternoon of watching films that you saw on video two years ago, or (if you wrote that note to Santa) you can sample the delights of Play It Again Sam 16 from Superior/Acornsoft!! A digital version of this item can be downloaded right here at Everygamegoing (All our downloads are in .zip format). Galaforce 2. Bogart. "This game has class...try it!" Play It Again Sam is Item ID 891 in our database. Notes. PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 15 . Sections of pipe appear at random on the left of the screen which you can place anywhere on the grid. The first of the four titles is Tynesoft's blockbuster, WINTER OLYMPIAD '88, which was a big hit with it was released for the Electron … (Now there's a challenge!). Play it Again Sam 1 (E) – Play it Again Sam 1 (E&B) – Play it Again Sam 2 (B) If not you lose a life! This is the Electron version of the game. Each compilation was made up of four games, usually Superior or Acornsoft titles, but often also from other companies. You are slumped in your favourite chair with a battered paper hat on your head. Original Release Price: £9.95 It is also possible to gain extra lives up to a maximum of five. And 'sample' is all you will be able to do in one afternoon - there are no short measures and no padding in this compilation. $10.92. Also game covers to play through an emulator also typed in game to play. As announced in EUG #1, SAM 16 features a new game called Vertigo. It's Christmas Day, lunch is over, you've pulled the last cracker and three turkey wish-bones (the result of too much brandy on the Christmas pudding or modern genetic engineering!). Knowing the passwords can only help you to practice on any one of the 16 levels of this game; you have to complete it without using them in order to read the final on-screen message! Acorn Electron/ BBC Micro probably 50/50, raising to 70 original when I started by compilation sets (Play it again Sam etc). It was written by Michael St Aubyn and published by Micro Power. Play It Again Sam 2 compilation (Acorn Electron cassette) The "Play It Again Sam" series of compilations included re-releases of their old titles, with four games for the usual price of one. Picture the scene. Keyboard is clean and there are 19 ganes included. The compilations were released for both the Acorn Electron and BBC series of computers with many released on … Another novel feature is the way your playing piece sometimes disappears from view as it does 'behind' parts of the playing area and has to be guided blind. It was reissued as the lead game of Superior Software / Acornsoft 's Play It Again Sam 5 compilation in 1988 when it was also converted for the Acorn Electron. A grid is drawn on screen with a 'starting piece' in position. Imogen is a computer game released in 1986 for the BBC Micro. I must say that before I attempted to play the game seriously, I spent some time admiring the graphics. If the flooz runs through the required length of pipe (indicated at the top of the screen) you may advance to the next level. "This is very probably the best compilation ever released for the BBC - four classic games, one classic package." urged Computer & Video Games. Weight Boxed: 64g Cheat it again Joe - Acorn Electron RetroGame. Notes. The idea in Pipemania is simple. Acorn Electron Computer, Cassette Player, leads, users guide, 30 games, "Me and My Micro" Book, Penguin Book "Games & Other Programs for Acorn Electron". would make a nice collectors item. Celebrate the visual games history of the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron with this case bound book, featuring over 150 classic games, with exclusive interviews from the likes of David Braben and Ian Bell (Elite) and Geoff Crammond (Revs). Sam, an ardent fan of Superior Software's games, is always ready for a challenge... ...and the tougher, the better! Report it and we'll fix it up at once! Play It Again Sam (1987) (Acorn Electron, Cassette) . There are no promo images for this game [add promo images] Part of the Following Group. Acorn User commented "Ravenskull is a very good game and is destined to become another Superior classic.". The game consists of three increasingly difficult 'missions'; each of which has three levels. This may sound daunting but even I got the hang of it after a few minutes! "This game will impress you...the graphics are stunning...this should be in every collection," A & B Computing remarked. zalaga ardvark. It was available on cassette and 5.25" DFS floppy disk as well as ADFS 3.5" disk for the Acorn Electron Plus 3 and Master Compact. Citadel, a fascinating arcade-adventure, features over 100 beautifully detailed screens of action. Forums. AirShark Software MSX / Acorn Electron / BBC Micro / Mattel Aquarius Games Roms and Retro magazine download Jpeg Pictures to print also roms to play and listings to print. thrust superior. Camelot is a computer game written by Tony Oakden and published in the UK in 1989/90 for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron.The game was first published by Superior Software and Acornsoft as part of the Play it Again Sam 9 compilation in 1989 and was subsequently re-published as a standalone title in 1990 by Superior Software and Blue Ribbon. Acorn Electron Vintage Computer With Leads And Games. It's an ideal Xmas gift to give or receive - and beats 'The Sound Of Music' hands down!! You are awarded a fixed number of points for each screen you complete (which increases with each level) plus a 'time' bonus. This is not a game for lily-livered wimps - that's why I resigned my commission and moved on to play Pipemania. Recently on the software front there has been a production spree for the Elk, what with Loopz from ASL, Balloon Buster from Blue Ribbon and Play It Again Sam 16 from Superior/Acornsoft. Casablanca Movie Clip from 1941. We hate 2020!